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Coranavirus diary





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Honister to Braithwaite

29th-31st May 2021

Route. 29th Honister - Dale Head - Hindscarth - Robinson - Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg ( about 6 miles 2800ft ascent ) 

Route. 30th Ard Crags - Rigg Beck - Sail - The Scar - Crag Hill - Coledale Hause - Grisedale Pike - Hobcarton ( about 5 miles 2700ft ascent ) 

Route. Hobcarton End - Black crag - Sanderson Gill - Braithwaite ( about 3 miles all down hill ) 

Rubbish weather and a work life balance tilted far to far the wrong direction has meant that trips to the Lakes in May have been in short supply so I was determined not to waste the forecasted few day of good weather which co-incided with the bank holiday. I didn't have use of the car so it was train and bus to Honister slate mine to start the long pull to Dalehead.


The huge bulk of Honister Crag dominates the scene from lower down on the climb. The Honister mine tour bus gives a bit of scale.

The normally extensive views over to the high fells were lost today in the haze. It was a lovely day for walking though, pleasantly warm but with a slight breeze to keep you cool.


Haze or not the view from Dalehead is one of my favourites.

Looking back to Dalehead from the crossing to Hindscarth. As you can see there were plenty of people about enjoying the fine weather.


In shadow are two of the fells I'll be climbing tomorrow. Sail and Crag Hill.


The sun flitted in and out all day here it lights up Little Dale seen from just before the steep climb to Robinson.


Again the normally lovely view of Crummock water and Loweswater from Robinson is lost in the haze.


On the descent to Buttermere Moss I bumped into Chris Gaskin who was on the final leg of his record breaking continuos Wainwright round.

After passing on a few tips (not) I left Chris to it and crossed the very wet moss to descend to Newlands Hause.


Diverting off to have a look at the quite impressive Moss Force.

As I reached Knott Rigg it started to rain so I quickly got my tent up. Later there was a bit of a red sky over Whiteless Pike but I wasn't in the right place to get a sunset view.

The rain didn't last long and it was a very calm night so I slept very well.

A bit too well as I missed the sunrise but it was another lovely day when I opened my tent door.

Ard Crags. My next top to visit is just a short walk along the ridge.

From Ard Crags there is a path descending steeply down the grassy slope to the valley of Rigg Beck where I filled my water bottle with the crystal clear and refreshing water from the stream coming down from Sail..

Looking down to the Ard Crags/ Knott Rigg ridge from the top of the path to col between Sail and Scar Crags.

Once up the controversial zig zag path and over Sail the exciting little scramble of The Scar is reached.

The Scar is negotiated safely and after passing over the top of Crag Hill I divert off over to Eel Crag and have a break looking down to Coledale. After a clear start to the day the haze has returned.

Dropping down to Coledale Hause now heading for Grisedale Pike who's top is in shadow.

It's a steep ascent to Grisedale Pike which Is one of my favourite hills as from any direction it looks a real mountain and any visit to the top has to be worked for.

The top of Grisedale Pike has now attracted a little low cloud.

But it has dissipated as I reach the top and my way down to the Hobcarton ridge is clear.

There were periods in the day when the sun would break through and it felt very warm. I passed the afternoon lazing on the soft grass snoozing, eating and reading..

Eventually the sun started making it's way down into the sea.

Giving the fells a marvelous red glow. This is the upper reaches of the Hobcarton ridge.

And that's Hopegill Head..

Actually the sun wasn't sinking into the sea it was sinking down behind the Galloway hills..



I was up in time for the sunrise. The outline of Skiddaw is lit by the glow from the east.

And soon the sun peeped over Skiddaw.

I lay in the tent for a while with both doors open basking in the warm rays.

It was a lovely morning. But I had to be home at a decent time so packed up and made my way down the ridge.

It's a lovely path which winds it's way down the ridge through the heather. Here Scotland is seen across the West Cumbrian costal plain with Graystones and Kirk Fell ( Lorton) in the foreground.

The views to the Helvellyn fells is pin sharp this morning. The pointed top of Catstyecam is clearly seen.

Eventually you reach the trees through which the dappled sunlight was lovely to see.

I'd used up all my water but I knew the path passed by Sanderson Gill so I had my breakfast sat by the bubbling beck.

Just the short walk down the road to do now. Skiddaw Dodd, the Ullock Pike ridge and Skiddaw are well seen from the road.

And soon I'm in Lovely Braithwaite and onto the bus to start my journey home.

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