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Coranavirus diary





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Triglav national park Slovenia

18th-22nd June 2022

18th Manchester - Heathrow- Ljubljana- Stara Fužina

19th Stara Fužina - Lake Bohinj - Koca pri Savici - Crno jezero - Dom na Komni ( About 13 miles 4300ft ascent )

20th Dom na Komni - Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih - Mala Ticarica - Koca na Planini pri Jezeru ( About 9 miles 2800ft ascent )

21st Koca na Planini pri Jezeru - Vogar Viewpoint - Stara Fužina - Bus to Bled ( About 6 miles 300ft ascent )

22nd Bled - Ljubljana- Heathrow - Manchester

For my birthday my son David had treated me to a walking holiday in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. Originally it was just David and I going but big brother Andrew and little brother James invited themselves along so it was the four of who arrived full of anticipation at the small village of Stara Fuzina situated at the eastern end of the beautiful Lake Bohinj.

Our flights were delayed so it was fully dark when we arrived at our accommodation. Obviously were were literally in the dark as to our surroundings so when morning broke we were absolutely chuffed to see the view from our window


Lake Bohinj with a bit of early morning mist which soon burnt away in the fantastically warm and sunny weather. Our first days walking takes us along the full length of the right hand side of the lake and then climbing to the mountains beyond.

Zooming in you can just see our bed for the night. The small square to the right of the right hand peak of the two in the centre of the photo.


A short road walk gets us to the end of the lake. There were quite a few brown trout swimming about in the shallow water.As it was Sunday lots of local families were sunbathing by and swimming in the lake

This local was sunbathing as well.


Nearing the head of the lake.


And a look back.


From the end of the lake we took the track past several of these traditional chalets to the small cafe at Koca pri Savici where we had our lunch.

Savici is the name of the river which feeds Lake Bohinj. There is a drought in Slovenia so water levels everywhere were very low.


After lunch we started on the punishingly steep climb up to Crno jezero ( Black Lake ) not only was the climb steep and rugged but the afternoon heat sapped our energy.

Cables were needed on parts of the path.

Eventually we passed the 1000 meter point.

As we were finding out whichever way you looked there was a view.

James and Andy negotiate a tricky section just before the path leveled off.

View over our "local" hills to the mountain range south of Lake Bohinj.

After the climb we really appreciated this section through a narrow wooded valley.

Which brought us out at Crno jezero.

Back to climbing again as the path winds its way through the forest and around the mountain heading for Dom na Komni our bed for the night.

Occasionally the path left the trees giving a super view down to Lake Bohinj.

We were a bit pushed for time as dinner was served at six (and we certainly didn't want to miss it.) So we missed exploring the several interesting looking caves which are just off the path. The longer range views were still breathtaking, especially as usually they appeared around the corner as you came through the trees.

Eventually we reached the hostel. This is a view from the front door. Zooming in on Velika Ticarica and Mala Ticarica which we hoped to climb the day after.

After dinner we explored the several view points around the hostel.

Dom na Komni.

Another beautiful morning. This is looking back down through the haze to Lake Bohinj.

The variety and amount of colourful flowers and vegetation was a real highlight. Also I never seen as many butterflies and other flying insects although none seemed to be of the biting type.

Today our lunch stop was to be at the seven lakes valley but we we took a more roundabout route as David wanted to visit the remnants of the supply depot and field hospital used by the Austro-Hungarian troops engaged in the terrible battle of Krn in the first world war.

Looking back to the camp.


Our path makes its way up and down through more lovely Colourful Alpine glades with as usual a mountain view above.

After climbing a small ridge we descend to the seven lakes valley.

We were originally going to spend our first night at the hut of Koca pri Triglavskih jezerih but it wasn't fully open, they were open to buy a drink and our lunch though.

Another small lake just behind the hut.

Although we had climbed quite a way so far we hadn't actually visited a peak so David decided we would climb at least one Alpine mountain on our holiday so we set off up the scree path above the valley heading for Mala Ticarica which at 2071 meters or just a tad under 6800 ft is certainly higher than anything I've ever climbed.

The scree path ended and more exciting stuff began.

We were glad there was a chain to hold on this section.

The wooded Komni plateau ( where we had set off from ) with mountains to the south beyond.

After the exciting climb through the rocks we had another steep pull up to the small col below the top of Mala Ticarica.

At the col was a sign. Nearly there now.

Around fifteen minutes later we are at the very exposed top. I'm glad we had the place to ourselves as there wasn't much room and there were some very steep drops.We discovered that "Mala" means little and behind David is Velika Ticarica which I presume means big or great. The mountains behind are the start of the real peaks of the Julian Alps including Triglav which at 2864 meters is the highest in Slovenia

Just before the summit rocks is this narrow section which has a vertigo inducing view down to the valley and hut. James is taking great care to keep hold of the rock and I thought it better to not ask him to turn around to say cheese.

All safely past the narrow section and descending to the col.

After an easy walk we reach tonight's accommodation. the hut of Koca na Planini pri Jezeru.

Which is located in an absolutely beautiful spot.

A loose translation of Koca na Planini pri Jezeru is the hut by the lake and here is the lake.

There were thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon so we set off early down hill back to Lake Bohinj.

But had time to make a short diversion to the Vogar Viewpoint with its great view down to the lake and valley.

The path from the view point down to the valley is quite rough and as we descended the temperature rose and when we reached the valley floor it was a sweltering 31 degrees.

After a short but very hot road walk we reached our starting point the Apartmaji Triglav.

We then caught the bus to the scenic town of Bled which stands on the banks of another beautiful lake and has a clifftop medieval castle and an island with church. After a lazy afternoon playing the tourist we headed home the next morning. We had only scratched the surface of this wonderful country and are already making plans to return.


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