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Dale Beck and High Pike

20th June 2020

Route - Carrock Beck Ford - Calebreck - Stony Bank - Hay Knott - Hay Gill - Dale beck - Roughton Gill - Thief Gills - Great Lingy Hill - High Pike - West Fell - Carrock Beck Ford ( about 10.5 miles 2600 ft ascent )


Back nibbling at the edges of the Lakes again this week but this time in the far north. I had noticed the interesting looking valley of Dale Beck on the map so thought it was time for a look..


There is lots of Places to park by the road running under Carrock Fell and High Pike. I'm parked down the road a little further than I need to because If time allows I will add Carrock Fell to my round and my descent from Carrock would bring me straight to my car. I do need to be home fairly early though so I'll have to see how long the walk takes me. That's Carrock Fell from my parking spot.


A short road walk gets me to Calebreck from where I join the mine track skirting the flanks of High Pike.


Binsey appears as I progress along the track.


As does Brae Fell. The mine track peters out so I take to the pathless hillside heading for Hay Knott.


To be honest I didn't really need to come over Hay Knott, I could have dropped down towards Fell Side and walked into the Dale Beck valley from there but then I would have missed seeing the scenic Hay Gill which had several lovely falls and pools.

Nearing the joining of the becks and another beautiful picnic and paddling spot.


Across the beck I could see this old level.

Which if I hadn't been on my own I would have definitely explored further.

Into the valley of Dale Beck now. With Yard Steel dominating the view ahead.

There was a colony of newts living in a large puddle on the track

I think they are smooth newts.

The valley bends to the left below Iron Crag.

On the left is Peteraw which has a distinctive scree covered summit.

Iron Crags above the bricked up mine building. There is a lot of mining heritage in the area and a full day could be spent poking around the old levels and holes. ( some information HERE )

I had set off along the valley without  having a clear idea of how I would get up to the high ground above and after seeing Roughton Gill I dismissed any idea of climbing out that way.

But whilst having my lunch against the handy windbreak I could see a thin path leading across the scree to the falls in the centre of this picture, so I thought I'd go and have look.

The scree path was a bit slippery but it was no real problem getting quite a way up the gill from where there is a nice view back along the valley.

There wasn't a path going any higher but I couldn't see any difficulties so carried on.

Sometime the climb took me virtually into the stream getting the camera lens wet on this occasion.

A high level swimming pool.

View back from above the swimming pool

Another level driven in from the gorge of Roughton Gill. I threw a small stone into this one which made a splash so I think it's flooded.

Eventually the valley opens up and it's back to walking not climbing. I found the climb by the gill to be quite safe but as with all these things you must decide for yourself if you are comfortable before setting off and getting to a position you can't get down from.

There are three Thief gills shown on the map so I took the left hand one heading in the direction of High Pike.

On to familiar ground now as I dimly remember crossing this plank bridge on my way to Knott on my top to bottom walk in 2010.

And I definitely remember the view of High Pike on the left and Carrock Fell from Great Lingy Hill.


The view southward into the Lakes from the climb to High Pike. Blencathra is to left of Centre and to the right are Lonscale fell, Skiddaw Little Man and Skiddaw. The central fells can just be seen in the haze.

The same view but with added High Pike trig, shelter and bench.

I decided that I hadn't got time for Carrock today so took a photo instead.

Looking back to High Pike. I have never descended over West Fell so that's the way I went today.

 Great Mell Fell with the High Street ridge beyond from low down on West Fell.

The Caldbeck ponies.


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