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Pico de la Zarza and Monte Aguda

24th June 2019

Route. Esquinzo - Pico de la Zarza - Monte Aguda - Esquinzo (about 9.5 miles  2950ft of ascent )


A walk slightly to the south of where we normally get to this week. We were in Fuerteventura for a family beach and sunbed holiday but we did manage one day out to climb the islands highest peak.

Ironically the only day we had free for the walk was cloudy which made me feel very much at home. On the drive from the airport I thought that the scale and the shape of the islands hills did remind me of the Lakes but a Lakes in which some malevolent giant has stood in the Irish sea and ripped away the grass and greenery like a tablecloth leaving the bare hills behind.


In my guidebook the walk to Zarza started a few miles down the coast from our hotel but after studying our map we found a way directly from the hotel. The summit was covered as we set off but on every other day the mist had moved on by mid morning.


We followed this dirt road up to what was marked on the map as a landfill site.


Looking back over what we assumed was the landfill with Monte Aguda beyond. We thought we would see how hard the walk was before deciding to return over Monte Aguda which has a path on the other side directly to our resort..


The main path can be seen on the ridge to the left, our way over the ridge ahead seemed a bit more rugged (and interesting )


David and James start the short descent to the more rugged section.


Passing this sheep or should that be goat fold on the way.


The ridge we have just come along with the top of Monte Aguda just visible.

On of the wild goats.


Our path met the main path at a marker post.

Unfortunately no sign of the cloud lifting as we head for the only steep section of the walk.  

Which has been made easier by these generous zig zags.

Another goat by the path.

Although quite common abroad signposts like these are very rare in the UK hills.

The summit area is fenced off to keep out the goats and in the spring is full of Canary island daisies.

Looking back down the steep bit.

Condensation collector by the path.

In fine weather there is a great view down to the sea and the long beaches of Playa de Cofete. We could hear the sea but we kept well back from the 'alarmingly abrupt cliff edge' as it says in the guide book. 

A lovely remnant of spring was found just below the trig point.

The trig point at 812 m or 2664 ft.

After waiting around for nearly an hour, which was not really a hardship as although it was cloudy it was very warm we made the trip down returning the same way.

Apart from the heat the climb had been quite easy so we tackled the short steep pull to Monte Aguda.

Looking down to the beach resort of Esquinzo.

As with signposts, painting on rocks is frowned upon in UK hills but the locals must think the tourists need a reminder and to be fair the hill was spotless.

And any litter louts would have this fearsome monster to answer to. ( Fuerteventura has been overrun with chipmunks )

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