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Wasdale weekend

22-24th April 2016

Route.  Friday - Greendale - Middle Fell ( about 1.5 miles 1500ft ascent )

Saturday - Middle Fell - Pots of Ashness - Haycock - Steeple - Scoat Fell - Pillar - Black Sail Pass - Wasdale Head (about 8.5 miles 2800 ft ascent)

My eldest, Andrew is getting married shortly and as seems to be the thing these days he and his pals went abroad for his stag doo. Not wanting his old man to miss out he suggested an "old fella's" outing in the Lakes. So me , Andy, David (brother and best man ) and Ian ( future father -in -law ) had a ride up to Wasdale on Friday evening..


The weather was fine but quite cold as Ian dropped us off at Greendale. He was setting up base camp at Wasdale Head whilst we set off up Middle Fell to camp for the night. This is two photos stitched together showing the full length of the screes from the climb.


Looking up Greendale Gill from where the path strikes up to the summit of Middle Fell. It's only just over a mile but after a full day at work, a two hour drive and being loaded up with essential stag doo supplies it was pretty hard going.


Haycock appears as we climb higher.


As does the Isle Of Man seen over Cat Beilds on Seatallen.


All that climbing has made our legs grow. Scafell's in the distance.


 I set up the boys tent, this is the first time I've used my new Tarptent Scarp2 and It's huge. We had to hide from the wind which was blowing quite strongly and was very cold.


The moon rose as we had out tea.


This photo makes our camp site look very sloping but while it wasn't flat it wasn't that bad. We had a fairly windy but very cold night.


I was up at 5.30 to try and capture the sunrise. The Scafell range with the first glow


The first sight of the sun between Great Gable on the left and Great End on the right.

 Up he comes.

Seathwaite Fell is on fire.

The moon is still around, just on the other side of the sky.

Great Gable silhouette.

Aforementioned essential stag doo supplies. At least they were a lot lighter carrying out.

Super view of Wastwater and the fells above from Middle Fell.

Scafell Pike on the left Scafell on the right.

Heading for Haycock.

And looking back to Seatallen.

Scoat Tarn with Red Pike (W) above.

Ennerdale Water with the Scottish coast just about visible in the distance.

Following the wall down then up to Scoat Fell.

You cant pass this way and not visit Steeple so that's what we did.

View of Black Crag and Pillar with Great Gable sticking his head up at the back.

The Groom on Steeple.

Red Pike again seen from the wall which marks the top od Scoat Fell.

Heading for Pillar now. The groom and his best man probably discussing which parts of the Budapest stag doo could be mentioned in their wedding speeches.

The last climb from Wind Gap to Pillar.

Still a bit of snow in the sheltered hollows on Pillar.

Looking down one of the gullies by the path to the valley floor.

Base camp come in to sight. Burnmoor Tarn then the sea in the distance.

After meeting with Ian and a night spent in Ritsons bar at Wasdale Head we left on Sunday morning only stopping to take a last look back at Britain's favourite view.

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