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Place Fell and Hallin Fell

30th December 2012

Route.  Sandwick - Low Birk Fell - Bleaberry Knott - The Knight - Place Fell - High Dodd - Sleet Fell - Sandwick - Hallin Fell.

( About 6 miles 2400ft ascent)


The weather over the Christmas holiday has been really rubbish so a forecast for Sunday that included the words "sunny intervals" was enough to get me out of the house. I had not been to Place Fell for a few years so that's were I went. Sue needed to do the Birkett's around Place Fell so we followed  the route in Bill Birkett's book which make a lovely round.

Walking along the path to Patterdale. Low Birk Fell ahead.


Scalehow force from the path up the fell.

On Low Birk Fell. The pointed fell just visible is The Knight.

I only could see this chap when he moved such is his near perfect camouflage. 

Looking across to Glencoyne from Bleaberry Knott.

And further round Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd with the Helvellyn fells behind.

The day is starting to brighten up over Gowbarrow Fell.

Very wintry scene from The Knight. The wind picked up now and we were nearly blown over on the climb up to Place Fell.

Red Deer. The wind was blowing in their direction so they soon disappeared over the ridge

Looking up to Place Fell.

Helvellyn with Catstycam on the right and Striding Edge on the left.

Zooming in on Striding Edge. With the conditions under foot and the high wind I don't think I would be brave enough to go that way today. Click on the picture to see three people who were 

Looking down to Glenridding village and the valley behind. 

After a battle with the wind we finally made it to the top of Place Fell.

Place Fell tarn.

High Dodd from the sheepfold at Low Moss.

Ullswater and Hallin Fell.

On Sleet Fell now just about to start down the steep path back to Sandwick

Looking back up the way we came.

We jumped back in the car and drove up to the church for a quick visit to Hallin Fell. The rain that was forecast for later in the afternoon caught us and the wind was incredible so we didn't hang around too long.

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