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Coranavirus diary





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A short walk and camp below Codale Head

13-14 th January 2024

13th Route - Helmside - Lancrigg - Stythwaite Steps - East ridge of Tarn Crag - Tarn Crag - near Ferngill Crag ( About 4 miles 1750ft ascent )

14th Route - Near Ferngill Crag - Easedale Tarn - Stythwaite Steps - Lancrigg - Helmside ( About 4 miles mostly down hill )


Another mini adventure fitted in around real life this week. I had to work on Saturday morning so it was around three when I arrived at a very busy Grasmere which is why I had to squeeze my car into a small parking spot near Helmside.


The weather was quite dull at home and for most of the drive up so I was well pleased that there was some lovely winter light and a fair bit of blue sky when I arrived at Grasmere. This is Seat Sandal seen from my parking spot.

After a short road walk and then the path through the grounds of the Lancrigg hotel I reach the track heading into Far Easedale.

I bet this pool and grassy bank are like Blackpool beach in the summer.

After crossing the bridge and climbing for a few hundred yards I take the right turn onto the East Ridge of Tarn Crag.


Herdie admiring the light on the fells to the east over the Helm Crag ridge.


After quite a steep climb the summit of Tarn Crag comes into view.


Looking into the sun and Easedale Tarn.

Lovely view back into the Vale of Grasmere.

Still a bit of work to do before Tarn Crag is reached but It's a really enjoyable climb over the knolls and through the hollows.

Brilliant late afternoon light on The Helm Crag ridge. Steel fell is next in line and then Helvellyn and the fells around it which are troubled by cloud.

On to Tarn Crag and looking back down the way I've come.

Looking over to the western fells

Heading from Tarn Crag towards Codale Head there is a section of delightfully rough ground with a winding intermittent path and some lovely semi frozen tarns.

Coledale Tarn below. I started to look around for a pitch before it got too dark and wandered over towards Ferngill Crag where I found shelter behind a small tor. Just like last week the breeze was very cold but once in the tent I was warm enough but was well wrapped up

Morning broke to snow and clag which diffused the morning light into a strange pink glow.

My pitch near Ferngill Crag.

Due to more real life obligations which I couldn't get out of I had to make my way home so I retraced my steps past Tarn Crag. The slushy sleety snow made the ground very slippery so for the first time this winter I wore my microspikes.

I varied my return by dropping down to Easedale Tarn.

Looking back to Tarn Crag.

A very chilly looking Easedale Tarn.

There is no snow at lower level which I'm glad about as Andy and family are planning to walk up to Helm Crag. I rang them with a weather report and we arranged to meet at the foot of Helm Crag.

After meeting and a quick hello and then goodbye I made my way around the bottom of Helm Crag back to my car.

A closer look up into a very wintery looking Grisedale.

Andy and family did make it to Helm Crag and he sent me this picture of Granddaughter Poppy admiring the view from near the top.


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