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A weekend of two halves

16-17th January 2016

Route.  Saturday - Loughrigg Tarn - Elterwater - Lower slopes of Lingmoor Fell

Route. Sunday - Lay by A591 - Mill Bridge - Great Tongue - Grisedale Hause - Seat sandal - Raise beck - Dunmail Raise

(about 6 miles 2200 ft ascent

A couple of trips to the Lakes this week-end. My son James has an assignment for school where he has to photograph reflections but with the recent bad weather he has not had much luck so when we saw the weather was looking fine for Saturday morning we had a ride up to Loughrigg Tarn to see if we could capture any.


The answer was a definite yes. Langdale Pikes reflected in Loughrigg Tarn.


Zooming in on the very top of Harrison Stickle.


Loughrigg Fell


I bet Jack's Rake was an exciting climb today.




 More reflections. Our plan was now to drive to Elterwater and from there climb over Lingmoor Fell and visit Blea Tarn


It's always amazing how fast the weather can turn and in the half an hour or so it took us to get on the path to Lingmoor the cloud descended and the blue sky had gone and we were now in a black and white world. The Langdale Pikes are above the valley but have completely disappeared.


The Howgills still look lovely though.


 Looking up towards the top of Lingmoor. We knew that the views and any chance of reflections had gone and it had started to snow quite heavily so we beat a retreat back to the valley.


Up early again on Sunday and here we ( me, Sue and Lynn ) are parked up on the A591. We were originally heading for Place Fell but changed our minds when we saw the amount of snow on the roads.

 Seat Sandal was the fell we decided on and here we pass the Rhododendron bushes by the coast to coast path at Mill bridge.


  Loughrigg Fell from the other side this time.

We could have just followed the coast to coast path but Great Tongue looked an exciting alternative so we headed straight up.

Looking back from the ascent.

The snow was thigh deep in places and made the climb a bit of a slog.

Eventually we reached Grisedale Hause. This is looking up to Fairfield.

Grisedale Tarn and Grisedale valley from the climb to Seat Sandal

The ascent of Seat sandal was pretty tricky at times

The top in sight. We had a very brief stop at the top as the wind was very strong and very cold.

The walk down to Raise Beck seemed to take ages as walking through snow which can go from ankle deep to waist deep in a few yards was very hard work.

The sheep don't look to happy about it either.

One of the many impressive cascades passed on the way down

Here we are on the deserted A591. The closure of this road is a minor inconvenience to us visitors but an absolute disaster for local people who have to rely on it for everyday use

Don't try this when the road is repaired.

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