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Back O' Skiddaw Birketts ( and Wainwrights )

31st July - 1st August 2015

Route. 31st July

Aughertree fell Rd - Dale Hows - Green How on Aughertree fell

(about 2 miles hardly any ascent)

Route. 1st August

Horsemoor Hills - Orthwaite Bank - Little Cockup - Great Cockup - Trusmadoor - Meal Fell - Little Sca Fell - Brea Fell - Lowthwaite Fell - Longlands Fell - Little Sca Fell - Great Sca Fell - Knott - Frozen Fell - Burn Tod - White hause - Brocklecrag - Horsemoor Hills

(about 13 miles 3200 ft ascent)

Myself and Sue had a couple of nights at Cockermouth youth hostel with a plan to knock off  seven of her last eleven tops in Bill Birkett's list of 541 Lakeland hills.

Arriving on Friday afternoon we parked on the Aughertree fell road from where we got a lovely view of Skiddaw with the Ullock Pike ridge leading off to the right.

There isn't really much to Aughertree fell but it was nice to stretch our legs after the journey and as a bonus it stayed dry when rain had been forecast.

Looking to the north western fells with Grisedale Pike prominent in the centre.

 Scotland beyond the thistle.

Green How on Aughertree fell ( number 531 )

Close up of the cliffs of Longside as we return to the car.

And the same ridge the following morning seen from the steep climb to Orthwaite bank.

 Thankfully this fine fellow was not Birkett bagging and left us to the climb..

Binsey from Orthwaite Bank ( number 532 )

The sheep seemed to know the way so we followed them.

  All the way to Little Cockup ( number 533 )

Looking back to the nice little top of Little Cockup ( Helen had joined us and was walking as far as Longlands )

Dead Crags with Skiddaw above from the cairn on Great Cockup which when seen from below you would think is the top

But the actual top is just a few yards away.

Dropping down to the little pass of Trusmadoor. Frozen Fell where we will be later is the fell straight ahead.

Looking along Trusmadoor from the start of the climb to Meal fell.

Trusmadoor continues past Great Cockup on the right and Burn Tod

Skiddaw again from Meal Fell.

The ladies seem to be enjoying the fine weather.

Lots of ups and downs on this walk. Here we are on the up to Little Sca Fell after coming down from Meal Fell

Lowthwaite and Longlands fells from Little Sca Fell..

Before we go there we visit Brae Fell

Looking back from the climb to Lowthwaite Fell giving an idea of the wide open spaces around the "Back o' Skiddaw"

Lowthwaite Fell ( number 534 )

Another little up and down and we are on Longlands Fell where we said goodbye to Helen who returned to her car handily parked at the bottom of the fell.

From Longlands we set off on the two and a bit mile plod back over Little Sca Fell and Great Sca Fell to the highest point on our round. Knott

Skiddaw skyline.

Looking along the central fault from Knott.

Zooming in on Great Calva with the central fells behind.

Not a lot recommend about Frozen Fell ( number 535 )

Heading out along Burn Tod.

The "single white rock of quartz" marking the top of Burn Tod ( number 536 )

I suppose if this is the "back o' Skidda" that must be the "back o' Blencathra" Great Calva on the right

Nice little tarn on the saddle between Knott and Little Calva

Our final top of the day White Hause ( number 537 )

It's a steep drop back to valley from White Hause.

Great Cockup on the left and Burn Tod flank the end of the Trusmadoor pass.

Making our way back along the path under Brockle Crag

Zooming in on Whitewater Dash falls

A longer range view of the same place. Dash farm to the left

Nearly back where we started.  But now with lovely evening light on the Ullock Pike ridge.

Sue's remaning four Birketts couldn't be more different than these fells. Pen, Ill Crag, Little Gowder Crag and Pillar Rock are all rugged rocky tops with hardly a blade of grass between them.

Last walk  - 2015 Yha trip - Next walk - Bowsscale and Bannerdale