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Seathwaite to Lingmell and a windy night at Lambfoot Dub

14-15th January 2012

Route.  Day 1 - Seathwaite - Base Brown - Green Gable - Great Gable - Corridor route - Lingmell - Lambfoot Dub. (about 6 miles 4500ft ascent)

Day 2 -Lambfoot Dub - Corridor route - Styhead - Seathwaite. (about 3 miles all down hill)

Lambfoot Dub is a little tarn nestled between Great End and the Corridor route I have long wanted to visit it and as the weather sites were predicting cold but still conditions I decided to spend the night.

I made a day of it by visiting a couple of fells that I had not been on for a year or two. I parked at Seathwaite and headed up the steep path by the side of Sourmilk Gill.

Seathwaite farm and a very chilly looking valley, taken from the wall where I cut left accros the fell side towards the hanging boulder.

The sun appears over the Glaramara ridge and lights up Raven Crag.

But the valley is still frostbound.

There's the hanging stone. still er..hanging.

Looking to the top of Base Brown with Green Gable behind.

Looking accros to Haystacks, the High Stile ridge, a bit of Buttermere and Crummock Water and Mellbreak.

Gable Crag from the top of Green Gable.

Looks like a fine inversion over Langdale way.

Fine view to the Northern Fells from Great Gable.

I had my lunch at the Westmorland Cairn looking down on Great Napes.

The classic view of Wasdale from the cairn.

After lunch I dropped down the breast route from Gable,  passed Styhead Tarn then headed for the Corridor Route.

On Lingmell now looking over the main cairn to Scafell Pike.

The slender lower cairn on Lingmell.

I retraced my path back down the Corridor Route a little bit then headed back uphill to the little valley just past Round How. 

Looking back to Lingmell..

First sight of Lambfoot Dub and just in time as the the sun is sinking fast.

At the ice bound tarn now. It might only be small but it's a lovely place.

 Tent up, supper on the boil. Perfect.

Sunset, Lambfoot Dub 

Great and Green Gable. After supper I retired to the tent for a while. About 7pm I popped my head out and was greeted with the most spectacular starry sky that I have ever seen. There were shooting stars, a  fantastic milky way, the sky was blazing with light. I just wish I had the camera ( and the skill to use it) to capture it. As I said I was expecting bitterly cold but calm weather and although it was quite chilly I didn't need the several layers I had taken in preparation for a freezing night. What was a bit unnerving was that after went back inside after watching the stars, the wind started blowing, gently at first but by ten o'clock the the it was howling and the tent was shaking violently. Several time in the night I had to go out and adjust the guy lines. Around 3am one side of the tent came right in and on investigating  I found the guy line had come off completely. I was not getting much sleep and at 6am I gave in and packed up. I had intended climbing straight up to Great End but the wind and my tired state made that out of the question so with head torch on I dropped down to the Corridor Route and headed back to Seathwaite. After  dropping only a couple of hundred feet the wind stopped completely but now I was heading down and nothing would change my mind.

Styhead Tarn with Great End behind.

 Looking the other way, downstream.

The view down from just above the "thousand foot" boulder.

Last view back up from the path to Stockley Bridge

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