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Around the Uldale Fells 2nd January 2011

Route - Nr Peter House farm - Dash farm access road - Brockle Crag - Great Cockup - Burn Tod - Great Sca Fell - Little Sca Fell - Brae Fell - Longlands Fell - Lowthwaite Fell - Meal Fell - Trusmadoor - Dash Farm

A complete contrast to last weeks walk of the Coniston Fells. They were teeming with people and most of the walk was a series of rocky climbs and descents. The "back o Skidda" fells as they are sometimes called are a collection of lovely grassy rounded hills split by steep sided stream ravines. This is usually a place to go if you fancy a bit of lonely wandering although today the fells were not as quiet as usual.

I parked on the road at the end of the Dash farm Access road  and set of along the winding road heading for Brockle Crag. This is looking the other way to the Ullock Pike ridge. The day started of quite bright but the sun didn't make an appearance and the skies became duller as the day went on.

Nice morning sky.

The access road cuts through the hills and all the way to Threkeld about seven miles away, but I turn left here...

...and head for Brockle Crag. I walked along the path to where the wall running under the crag meets the lower wall and turned right and then decided that rather than walk along the base of the crag and the up to Great Cockup I went straight up the face which was easier than it looks from here. That's Binsey in the background.

Dash Farm and Dash Falls from Brockle Crag. The path to Threkeld can be seen slanting up on the right.

On Great Cockup now looking over Dead Crags to Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man.

From Great Cockup I dropped down and then had a very steep pull up Burn Tod, Great Calva on the right looks nearer than it actually is, yet Blencathra looks just as far as it actually is

Binsey again with Over water in front.

As I mentioned these fells are usually very quiet but I had been hearing the sound of a bike all day, which I assumed was a farmer on his quad. As I dropped down from Brae Fell into Charleton Gill I came accros a trial bike event. I spent a few minutes watching the riders trying to ride a section marked out up the stream. The man with the clip-board is the observer who marks the riders, he gives one mark for a "dab" where the rider puts one foot down to steady himself and gives five if the bike stops and the rider has to put both feet down. This lad nearly "cleaned" the section i.e. no faults but he just dabbed once right at the end. I know that bikes on the fells have a bad reputation but I see no problem at all with this type of organised event which only take place maybe twice a year.

After watching the bikes I headed for Longlands Fell from where you get a view of Bassenthwaite Lake over on the left as well as the previously mentioned Binsey and Over Water.

Dead Crags and Skiddaw again seen behind the shelter on Meal Fell.

Looking back to Lowthwaite Fell. from the same place. The path I used can be seen slanting accros the fell.

Zooming in on the very steep path up Birkett Edge which I climbed when on my top to bottom walk in September. From Meal Fell I dropped down to Trusmadoor a natural pass between the fells and followed the path back to the access road which seemed a lot longer than it did in the morning.

Next walk - Langdale Skyline