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Around Ennerdale 13-14th February 2010

Route-Day one -  Bleach Green - Anglers Crag - Crag Fell - Grike - Caw - Haycock - Scoat Fell - Pillar - Black Sail Pass

Day Two - Black Sail Pass - Black Sail hut  - High Gillerthwaite - Ennerdale Water -  Bleach Green

I thought the drive up to Crag Fell and Grike was a bit to far just for a day walk so I decided to make a week-end of it and undertake my first wild-camp of 2010.  

Looking along Ennerdale water. I took the clear path leading up to Anglers Crag. 

Looking back down the path, The day was brightening up nicley.

Things start to get interesting as you reach the top of Anglers Crag. I headed for the crags, called the Pinnacles, which are really quite impressive and are worth the climb up the fell by themselves. 

Accros Ennerdale water Herdus has its head in cloud.

Looking along the length of Ennerdale.

After negotiating the lower crags you come to a plateau below the main summit ridge. There seemed to be an easy path you could take round to the summit or you can do what I did and scramble up one of a couple of little gullies that bring you out on a lovely grassy ridge.

Grike in the distance from Crag Fell. The saddle between the two fells would normally be very boggy but today the frozen ground made the walk quick and easy.

After reaching Grike (Wainwright number 213) I turned around and headed for the forest road that would take me to the Ennerdale fence that eventually would lead me to the high fells. Pillar on the left would be my last fell of the day.

Looking back to Crag Fell from the Ennerdale fence.

The High Stile/Red Pike ridge comes into view, this would be my route back tomorrow

Walking along the Ennerdale fence. The high fells don't seem to be getting much closer.

Finally on Caw and the view opens up over to the Scafells.

Looking back the way I had come.

On Haycock now and the Scafells behind Red Pike (Wasdale) and a frozen Scoat Tarn. The walk up to Haycock was made a lot easier with the aid of my Kahtoola Micro spikes, although not intended to replace Crampons I found them ideal on frozen and snow covered Lakeland paths.

Next stop Scoat fell

Looking across to Steeple from Scoat Fell.

Red Pike on the right with the Scafell group centre.

Great Gable dominates the view.

The last climb of the day. Pillar from Wind Gap.

The weather closed in on the top of Pillar so it was camera away and with great care I headed down to Black Sail Pass. The sun had started to set and the sky became a lovely colour behind Yewbarrow and red Pike.

The sky from my camp.

There was light snow  fall in the night and the day broke cold and frosty.


The High Stile ridge was in the clag but after a bit of dithering I decided to try my luck with the weather and set of up the Scarth Gap path. As soon as I had gained a bit of height my phone "beeped" to tell me I had a voice message, which was from the hospice where my dad is being looked after and although it wasn't urgent they needed to see me. So I abandoned my plans to walk the ridge and set of along the valley. 

Misty Ennerdale.

Bowness Knott reflections.