Pavey Ark and Harrison Stickle 24th March 2007

Heading off up the path to Stickle tarn

Always got time to splash around in the beck.

Nearing Stickle tarn. Side pike in the background.

Pavey Ark towering over Stickle tarn.

James and Rob have a look for Sticklebacks. We have been to Stickle tarn several times in high summer but we have never had nicer weather than this March day.

We went round to have a look at Jack's rake. The two people climbing up give some idea of the scale. With a 12yr old and an 8yr old in tow i was never going to attempt the rake. We did try "easy gully" but were defeated, so crept round the back up the north rake.

The view from Pavey Ark

James on Harrison Stickle.

Rob heads for the valley floor.

Heading down to Pike Howe.